The online GTM conference to end all online GTM conferences.

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Most online conferences are stupid. This one will be a little less stupid.

conference con

No panels. No keynotes. Just pure infotainment.

Every scheduled event for Conference Con has a gimmick to make it more fun and informative.

We're building the first ever anti-conference for go-to-market professionals.

Each part of our agenda will feature debates, game shows, or fully interactive challenges for attendees.

We'll cover everything involving marketing, sales, prospecting, demand generation, and revenue operations.


MARCH 7, 2024 FROM 12PM EST - 5:00PM EST

How you can get paid to attend this conference

get paid to get pitched

12:00PM-12:10PM EST

No you didn't misread that. Your eyes are fine. No one wants to hear what we have to say, but we'll make it quick. We'll use this time to explain how you can actually get paid by sponsors to attend this conference and then we'll shut up about it.

The GTM Crisis Management Game

when bears attack

12:15PM-12:55PM EST

This bear generated in the AI image may look friendly (trust me we tried 100 times to make him look meaner), but on a dime, your gentle cuddly friend can turn into your biggest enemy.

We got five of our favorite go-to-market experts, and we're locking them into a virtual room in front of a live audience. In order to escape, they'll need to do more than play dead, and walk us through how they would handle impossibly hard, hypothetical crisis management scenarios in marketing and sales. Will they make it out alive? You be the judge.

GTM Hot Takes

business hot takes

1:00PM-1:30PM EST

Nothing takes more bravery and perseverance than sitting in front of hundreds of people, shouting your most controversial opinions about marketing, sales, demand gen, and rev-ops. We've gathered up a room full of GTM experts with varying takes on how to build B2B businesses.

‍Everything You Wanted To Know About Founding a Startup (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Conference Con

1:35PM-2:05PM EST

"I'm going to build a company... I'm gonna show them all... mehhhh"

Sure you are buddy. Sure.

We're going to go through all the motions of what it takes to become a startup founder in 30 minutes. Q and A is welcomed.

The Go-To-Market Technology Draft


2:10PM-2:55PM EST

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole roster of tech tools to build a company.

We've got 6 of the coolest, smartest Go-To-Market experts with different backgrounds together to build their ultimate Go-To-Market machine. They'll sweat it out in our timed, snake style draft as they attempt to create the best tech strategy with a limited roster. Who will win? You decide.

Real Cold Email Reviews


3:00PM-3:45PM EST

After years in the darkness, RateMyPitch is back! The cold email review game where we get top sales experts to look at real cold emails you submitted, and tear them down just to pick them back up.

Submit your email to by March 5, 2024.

Landing Page Wars

landing page wars

3:50PM-4:20PM EST

The art of making landing pages isn't as sexy as the art of conversion.

Send us your company's landing page, whether it's for a product, homepage, webinar, or an event page like this.  Our top experts will break down the best and worst landing pages, and attempt to make them better. Let's crown a world champion of the Landing Page Wars.

DISCLAIMER: There will be blood.

Submit your Landing Page link to by March 5th, 2024

Outbound vs. Marketing

just two guys fighting

4:25PM-4:59PM EST

What happens when you take one marketing expert and another sales expert, give them 30 minutes, and have them debate in public the future of pipeline generation. This is not some "friendly panel" with feel good stories. This time, it's personal.

Audience members will vote for who won the debate.  The loser will be forced to retire* from B2B forever.*

*note: Speakers are unaware they have already secretly agreed to these terms

Network with friends you bearly know (get it?)

humans and bears

4:59PM-5:00PM EST

Let's be real. We're all dying to get out of this hell hole of an online event as quickly as possible. Take 60 seconds to network with people then go away.


This is the part where you register for our online conference, and immediately regret all of the terrible emails you'll receive. We're sorry you were hurt by others in the past.