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The world's first marketplaceto sell your attention.

Buyers get paid, sellers get answered.

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Build pipeline without annoying people.

No more awkward cold calls, emails, or spam on LinkedIn. Just pay to submit a pitch to your buyer.

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Reduce interuptions from sellers.
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Help a seller qualify or disqualify you.
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Get paid to review 1000 character pitches.
We make cold prospecting obsolete.

Pitchfire creates a win-win-win for buyers, sellers, and their companies.

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Buyer marketplace

Finally a place where sales is welcomed. Sellers pay to submit short pitches to their next dream customer. Buyers get extra income.

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Reduce follow up calls and emails by sending salespeople to your Pitchfire page. We reply on your behalf, and pull you out of most sales automation.

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No answer, no charge.

Sellers only pay when a buyer answers a pitch. A buyer can book instantly if they are interested, or inform the seller why they aren't interested.

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A mutually beneficial pay-to-pitch platform

Why you should use Pitchfire?

For Everyone

We get prospected an average 780 times a year. Your attention, time, and insight are super valuable.

Get extra income reviewing short sales pitches, and reduce interruptions from cold prospecting.

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For Salespeople

We've built a specific place for you pitch buyers. Think of it like a highway for selling. No one likes chasing a prospect with awkward cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages.

Get more at-bats and build pipeline with Pitchfire.

Submit a Pitch

For Revenue Teams

The average company will spend $3500 to get a prospect into a sales meeting. Outbound prospecting is broken. Most buyers want less meetings.

Engage with your total addressable market for a fraction of the cost.

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For Employers

It's estimated a company loses $1.4 million dollars for every employee dealing with interruptions from sellers.

Reduce interruptions, while letting your employees earn extra income.

get paid to get pitched

Pitchfire is free to use.