Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my team take more sales meetings using Pitchfire?

No. In fact we've seen some first qualification meetings get replaced with Pitchfire, helping both buyers and sellers save time.

Remember as a buyer who is offered to review a pitch submitted, you are compensated same regardless of whether you say "yes" or "no." So there is no financial incentive to take extra meetings.

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How does payment work?

A seller uses their Pitchfire account to offer money to a buyer to have their sales pitched reviewed on Pitchfire.

The higher a seller offers, the higher it'll be in a buyer's Pitchfire inbox. A buyer can answer the pitch at any time. To receive payment, they must either book on the seller's calendar, or give them a reason they aren't interested.

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What can users do with money they collect?

Employees can use money they collect for reviewing sales pitches to pay off loans, buy gifts for their family and friends, take a vacation, or donate it to a charity.

It’s completely up to them. Our goal is take marketing dollars b2b companies spend and redistribute it back to buyers.

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Is this product ethical?

Since buyers get paid to review pitches that are submitted, regardless of whether they tell the seller they are interested or not, there is no ethical concerns using Pitchfire. We're simply adding incentive for a buyer to give a seller a little time to review their sales pitches.

Today, the average seller will only hear back from less than 1% of the people they reach out to. They buy our data from providers without our permission. 98% of them will reach out more than once.

This is a safe place for both sides to interact.

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What inboxes do you support?

At the moment, we support Gmail, but we’re building an Microsoft plugin next.

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Why does Pitchfire access calendars?

Once a pitch is reviewed, we don't want to slow down the process for both buyers and sellers.

Everyone that makes a Pitchfire account links their calendar so we can create events for both parties should a buyer be interested.

We view both calendars, and show available spots to create meetings in the calendar for both parties.

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Can my sales team use this to reach out to prospects?

We encourage sellers to use Pitchfire to submit pitches to their prospects. Our marketplace inside Pitchfire has new buyers joining everyday.

Every sales person that pitches on Pitchfire must also be listed in the marketplace for other sellers.

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Does this violate my company's corporate giving policy?

This isn't a gift. This is payment for your employees' time. It's a perk for working at a company that is desired by sales people.

The average employee makes roughly $72,000 a year. Companies lose around $1.4 million dollars a year in lost wages for every thousand employees dealing interruptions from sales people.

This helps your employees earn extra income without the cost burden being passed onto you.

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How do taxes work with request fees?

If you exceed request fees over $600, we will send a 1099 to the IRS, and send you a copy as well. It's simply a few lines added to your taxes. We haven't built this feature yet, but will be sure to by next year before you do taxes.

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How much will my employees make annually using Pitchfire?

This is the first year we’ve launched this program, so we’re working off estimates only. This idea is new and crazy.

If every employee sent every cold email to Pitchfire, and every seller decided to pay, the range could be anywhere from $3-$10k extra a year.

Right now we see roughly 10% of sales reps are willing to pay for a response. The more employees at a company that use, this higher the conversion.

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Can I withdraw money from Pitchfire?

Yes. We're working on a Plaid integration, but in the interim, you can visit our Banking form and we can manually transfer your money.

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What happens if I change jobs?

We haven't built account migration yet, but if you'd like to migrate your Pitchfire account over to your new company employer's email, shoot us an email

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What if I use an email alias or want to use my personal email?

We don't support personal emails or email alias quite yet.

It's in our roadmap. This means if you email, but also have, you can only use Pitchfire for one email.

We'll support alternative emails soon. In the meantime, create your account with an email address that gets prospected the most.

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Who made this company?

This company is built by a collection of revenue, sales, and marketing veterans looking to change the way we get attention in the B2B space.

It was started by Ryan O'Hara, shortly after, Vivian Spencer joined to lead our product development, and Jeremy Leveille is running the ecosystem to get buys into our marketplace.

If you want to say hey, shoot Ryan an email.

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What info does Pitchfire access in the inbox?

We look at the “from address” the seller used to email you, the subject line, and the email address they sent the cold email to.

We strive to have minimum intrusions, and only access the email opened when you launch the inbox plugin. We reply in the same thread contacting the seller promoting them to your Pitchfire listing. This reply will pull buyers out of most sales automation.

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What happened to Request for Meeting?

In 2021, Ryan O'Hara started Request for Meeting, and had a prototype version of the product built by Vivian Spencer.

Over the past few years, we've made a lot dramatic changes with Request for Meeting, and decided we needed a new name/product to de-emphasize the "meeting" aspect of the product. So we did a pivot.

As a result, in June 2023, we retired the Request for Meeting product and name, and launched Pitchfire. All Request for Meeting accounts were migrated over.

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Do we have investors?

We have a few angel investors, but are fundraising. Want to learn more, contact us.

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How do you guys make money?

When a buyer reviews a seller's pitch, and answers the pitch, we take a transaction fee for every pitch that gets answered. Our goal is replace the way companies build pipeline long term.

So if a seller doesn't get their pitch reviewed, or a buyer doesn't collect money, we don't collect money,.

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Do you guys do sales consulting?

Both Jeremy Leveille and Ryan O'Hara will do sales coaching. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

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Who did your rebrand?

That would be our good friend, Ashley McCarty. Hit her up for a quote for your startup.

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