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The one place you'll like to be pitched.

Get paid to respond to sales pitches.


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Why build pipeline when you can buy it?

Give money directly to prospects for answers.

Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell
Chief Strategy Officer
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Laxman Papineni
Chief Executive Officer
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Carly PaulsonDirector of Partnerships
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Ryan HartPrincipal Product Manager
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Davis PotterChief Executive Officer
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Michael SindicichChief Executive Officer
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Evan DunnHead of Marketing
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Shikha BindraDirector of Sales
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Chief Strategy Officer
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Chief Executive Officer
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Carly PaulsonDirector of Partnerships
Ryan HartPrincipal Product Manager

How Pitchfire works

TL;DR: Buyers get paid, businesses get answers.

Pick your buyer.

There are thousands of buyers at your finger tips. We see you drooling.

Who do you want to pitch?

New people are joining Pitchfire everyday, opting into responding to sales pitches for money.

Write your pitch.

Tired of secretly crying in the shower because prospects won't respond to you?
Skip the flood of cold calls, emails, DMs, and tears.

Take your best shot pitching a meeting.

Buy your answer.

We only charge you if you get a response.

The more you offer, the higher you come up in your prospect's Pitchfire inbox.

Worst case scenario, you get some intel. Best case scenario, you get the meeting.

Evan Dunn
Service Bell

“An amazing service”

“We've sent 7 pitches. We’ve had 5 responses, 4 meetings so far. ‍Please don’t use this quote, I don’t want our competitors to know about this.”

Evan Dunn
Head of Marketing @ServiceBell
Zach Barney being a boss

“One of a kind service”

"The ROI on time saved from not having to call and email a hundred times just to get a single response from a prospect makes PitchFire one of the highest value for platforms in our software stack."

Zach Barney
Co-founder and CEO @Mobly
Taylor Diamond

“The best service”

"At first I was caught off guard by Pitchfire. My prospect replied back to me with their Pitchfire link. Then I tried it out. Crafted a really thoughtful pitch, Zeni paid them to respond, and the rest is history. We just closed a $10k+ deal with them."

Taylor Diamond
Account Executive @Zeni
A mutually beneficial pay-to-pitch platform

Why you should use Pitchfire?

For Everyone

We get prospected an average 780 times a year. Your attention, time, and insight are super valuable.

Get extra income reviewing short sales pitches, and reduce interruptions from cold prospecting.

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For Salespeople

We've built a specific place for you pitch buyers. Think of it like a highway for selling. No one likes chasing a prospect with awkward cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages.

Get more at-bats and build pipeline with Pitchfire.

Submit a Pitch

For Revenue Teams

The average company will spend $3500 to get a prospect into a sales meeting. Outbound prospecting is broken. Most buyers want less meetings.

Engage with your total addressable market for a fraction of the cost.

buyer marketplace

For Employers

It's estimated a company loses $1.4 million dollars for every employee dealing with interruptions from sellers.

Reduce interruptions, while letting your employees earn extra income.

get paid to get pitched

What the hell is Pitchfire?

Every year, 647 billion prospecting touches are sent by businesses to buyers. Only .7% will get a response. Imagine if every buyer you contacted responded to you? How different would your job be?

Pitchfire incentivizes buyers to stop ignoring businesses and respond. You can pay your prospects to respond to your sales pitch via Pitchifre. You don't have to send follow up calls and emails anymore. Save time, money, and effort by paying your prospect to respond.

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How does Pitchfire work?

A buyer can send you right to their Pitchfire listing via sharing their link or using our inbox plugin.  You can also find them in our buyer marketplace. Write a short pitch to them, put in a credit card, and we'll notify them to come in and respond. If they don't respond, we don't charge your business.

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What kind of responses do I get?

Responses on Pitchfire are generally better than replies over email or LinkedIn. They can give you insight into how to sell to their company. They can tell you if they are the right person, if not who is the right person... if they are happy with a competitor...priorities... or if they are interested. If they like your pitch, they'll book on your calendar using Pitchfire in one click.

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Who gets the money?

The person your pitching gets paid the money directly, minus transactional fees. They don't get paid unless they respond to your sales pitch. Currently, pitches expired every 7 business days. If you don't see a response within 7 days, there is no charge, and the pitch gets cancelled.

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Is this legal? Isn't this a bribe?

Thousands of buyers get paid by businesses the same amount of money regardless of how they respond. Because of this, there is no conflict of interests or "bribe" happening. They don't make additional income for buying your product or taking a meeting. They get paid simply to respond to pitches.

The only group of people who shouldn't use Pitchfire are people who work in medicine, or hold public office.

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How does Pitchfire make money?

We take a small transaction fee out of every pitch offer sent to a buyer.

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Prospecting is free. Why should I pay for a response on Pitchfire?

You company pays for marketing doesn't it? Why are we ok paying for marketing, but not prospecting? Last year B2B companies spent $500 Billion dollars advertising to your prospects. Instead of paying businesses and giving them more money, we're giving back to the people.

The average business paid over $3800 to get a meeting a prospect. 60% fail to hit quota. Don't you think it's time for a change?

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How does someone on Pitchfire make money? Do they have to take a meeting?

No. Studies show buying a meeting in most cases is a waste of time. We found the biggest problem with prospecting is actually getting responses. When you send a "pitch" on Pitchfire, you are paying for a response, not a meeting.

Buyers can book on seller's calendars if they are interested.

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Who is behind this company?

Pitchfire is a collection of people who making business fun and enjoyable for everyone. The team is made up of Ryan O'Hara,  Vivian Spencer, Jeremy Leveille and Jon Mazza.

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