Sell to your prospect in seconds.

Find your buyer, create a pitch, and pay them to respond.

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Build pipeline without annoying people.

No more awkward cold calls, emails, or spam on LinkedIn. Just pay to submit a pitch to your buyer.

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Save time.
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Let a buyer qualify or disqualify themselves.
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Create pipeline for a fraction of the cost.
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A safe and welcomed place for your pitch prospects.

Get real answers fast

How to sell with Pitchfire?

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1. Create an account.

Buyers can send you to Pitchfire with a Gmail plugin, or you can find them in our buyer marketplace. Our buyers have agreed to respond to sales pitches in exchange for payment.

2. Pay to submit your pitch.

No need to call, email, or follow up 100 times. Write an amazing elevator pitch, make an offer to buyer to answer you sales pitch, and we do the rest. The more you pay, the higher the priority.

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No answer, no charge.

You only pay when a buyer answers. A buyer will book instantly on your calendar if they are interested. If they are not they'll tell you why. Pitches won't be charged until your buyer responds.

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