Why All of Your Employees Should be on Pitchfire

Jon Mazza
June 27, 2024
5 min read

Why All of Your Employees Should be on Pitchfire

Ever wish you could burn all those spam emails, LinkedIn pitch-slaps, and random cold calls into oblivion? Like Michael Jackson said in the mirror, "You are not alone. Pitchfire is here for you."

We understand that managing unsolicited messages can feel like a full-time job in itself. But what if we told you there’s a way to not only reduce the clutter but also make a little extra cash while doing it?

7 Reasons to Get Your Team on Pitchfire

1. Squash Spam

Spam emails aren’t just annoying; they’re productivity killers. By getting everyone on Pitchfire, you can significantly cut down on the spam flooding your team’s inboxes, letting them focus on what truly matters.

2. A Company Perk with a Payday

Imagine offering your employees a perk that actually pays them...with other people's money. We handle all the paperwork and tax stuff too. With Pitchfire, your team can earn money by replying to the sales emails they were already going to reply to anyway. Except now they'll be getting fewer of them and making more money. Strange how that works...

3. Stop Rogue Spending

Sales pitches often lead to unexpected, and unapproved, purchases. With Pitchfire, those pitches get redirected, reducing the risk of rogue spending and keeping your budget in check.

4. No More Wasting Time on Irrelevant Tools

How much time does your team waste sifting through irrelevant sales pitches? With Pitchfire, those emails are handled swiftly, saving everyone time and sanity.

5. Streamlined Email Management

Pitchfire threads email conversations, effectively taking employees out of persistent follow-up sequences. This means cleaner, more manageable inboxes for everyone.

6. Boost Employee Happiness

Employees love perks that make their lives easier. Offering a tool that reduces spam and adds a side income can significantly boost morale and job satisfaction. Joy.

7. Unified Company Approach

Having everyone on the same page creates a cohesive approach to managing unsolicited emails. Consistency is key to streamlined processes and improved communication. It'll only work better the more everyone uses it.

How to Get Started

Sign up for Pitchfire and tell your team! If you wanna take advantage of our referral program for even more ways to make money, contact jon@pitchfire.com


Bringing your entire team onto Pitchfire offers more benefits than you think.—from reducing spam and rogue spending to increasing employee satisfaction and providing an additional income stream. By making Pitchfire a staple in your company’s toolkit, you’re enhancing productivity, streamlining email management, and offering a valuable perk to your employees. Ready to get started? Visit Pitchfire.com and bring your team on board today.

Jon Mazza