How to Make Money on Pitchfire

Jon Mazza
July 8, 2024
5 min read

How to Make Money on Pitchfire

The Intro

Finding ways to snag some extra cash in today’s digital chaos can feel like a challenging quest—While there are some people out there who took "Digging for gold?" literally when they were caught picking their nose and ended up making a killing by sending those artifacts online, and others are becoming millionaires as mukbang influencers, most rarely make enough money to support continuing their side hustles.

Enter Pitchfire—a platform that not only slays spam but also helps you rake in some dough doing the same things you normally would be doing during a work day. Here’s how you can turn those pesky unsolicited emails into a solid income stream with Pitchfire.

What is Pitchfire?

You can find out a lot more in this article we made for you but for the purpose of this blog, imagine a secure place you can exchange responses to sales pitches for money. That’s Pitchfire. Our plugins for Gmail and Outlook let you redirect annoying sales emails to your Pitchfire link, reducing spam and letting you cash in. We also have a marketplace of people that are in our platform that you can send direct pitches to for exchange for cash through our platform.

Getting Started with Pitchfire

Download the Plugin:

  • For Gmail: Head to the Chrome Web Store, type in "Pitchfire Inbox Plugin," and install it.
  • For Outlook: Pop over to the Office Add-ins store, search for "Pitchfire Plugin," and add it to your Outlook.

Set Up Your Pitchfire Account:

  1. Sign up on the Pitchfire website.
  2. Customize your profile.
  3. Connect the plugin to your work email inbox.

How to Make Money with Pitchfire

1. Be a Buyer in the Marketplace:

When you join Pitchfire, you enter our Buyer Marketplace. Salespeople can find you and send pitches your way. Just by responding, you can make anywhere from $25 to $500. Whether you accept or decline a meeting, you get paid the same.

2. Use the Inbox Plugin:

Whenever a salesperson sends you a cold email, use the Pitchfire inbox plugin to redirect them. This increases your chances of getting paid for a response through Pitchfire. The more people in your company using Pitchfire, the better your odds. Salespeople will soon realize this is the only way to get through to your team.

3. Stay Persistent:

Keep using the plugin. It might take some time, but it pays off. One user scored $305 after sending about 100 cold emails using the plugin. The average pitch is worth $55 and has been steady at over $50 for the past year.

4. Share Your Pitchfire Link:

You get a unique link to share on platforms like LinkedIn or directly with contacts. This helps you get more pitches through the Buyer Marketplace, increasing your chances to earn.

Indirect Ways to Make Money

1. Clear Your Inbox:

Using Pitchfire means fewer follow-up emails and sales pitches cluttering your inbox. With less spam, you get more time back—time you can use to be more productive or focus on impactful tasks at work.

2. Fewer irrelevant meetings:

Like the above, except for you calendar. Don't get tricked into taking sales calls that'll never amount to anything. Your time is valuable, take back control of it.

3. Find new products you can actually benefit from:

So, you'll have fewer people reaching out to you over and over again but the ones that do reach out will be serious about helping you out. While most companies are spraying their message to the masses and praying for responses to their generalized messages, Pitchfire users take the time to make sure a conversation will be mutually beneficial. Some of those pains you go through daily in your role might get solved sooner rather than never.

4. Boost Your Sales Game:

If you’re in sales or if you're a founder, Pitchfire helps you get quicker responses from prospects and potential customers. They’re more likely to respond because they get compensated for their time. This increases your chances of booking meetings and closing deals. Currently, sellers using Pitchfire enjoy a 60% response rate and book meetings 52% of the time! Even if the response you're getting is a no, you'll get a better understanding of your potential pipeline and have more knowledge into how you should sell or why you shouldn't sell into a certain company, so you waste less times on deals that aren't a fit or aren't ready.

Benefits of Using Pitchfire

  • Reduced Spam: Say goodbye to a cluttered inbox. Pitchfire manages and reduces unsolicited emails efficiently.
  • Additional Income: Turn spam into cash with minimal effort.
  • Control and Privacy: Decide who interacts with you and on what terms, keeping your communications under control.


Pitchfire is an effective way to manage unsolicited sales emails while making money. By integrating our plugin with your Gmail or Outlook, you can turn a daily nuisance into a profitable opportunity. Ready to start making money with Pitchfire? Download our plugin today and take the first step towards a cleaner inbox and extra income.

For more information, visit and kickstart your journey to earning money while reducing spam.

Jon Mazza